Friday, August 20, 2010

Today I am...15 weeks pregnant.

I think this week I’ve finally sworn off nausea. So far, so good. Haven’t felt nausea on my way into work for a while and no signs of it at night. That makes me a happy pregnant woman. My pants are getting tight and I would describe my belly as getting very big, but, let’s face it, it’s going to get huge. Currently, I wake up without a belly but by the time I get home from work, it's grown in size and I look pregnant. So bizarre. It was a quiet week so let’s get right to it.

The stats:

How far along: 15 weeks

Baby Development: The little guy or gal is about 4 inches long which is light years ahead of the little seed he was a few weeks ago. About the size of an apple, he can now sense light. Hopefully he’s learning when to sleep and when to be awake.

Baby Movement: Nope, not yet.

Water Intake: I can do the recommended water intake as long as it’s icy cold with a straw.

Best Moment of the Week: Hmm…I don’t know. It wasn’t very eventful. Probably finally having John working on the same movie lot as me so I can see him all the time.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: When will I start feeling him? So many other people are already feeling their baby at 15 weeks. What’s wrong with me?

Symptoms: Besides having to go to the bathroom all the time (thank you water intake), I feel pretty good.

Sleep Quality: I’m supposed to start side sleeping. That doesn’t sound fun.

Food Cravings: Breakfast burrito. No surprise.

What I miss: Fitting into my best jeans.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Hope to feel the little guy soon!

Trying to get done before baby: Enjoying all the time I have with my husband.

John's POV: "Now that everyone knows, everybody seems to show wonderful concern and sincere interest. Friends forward me stroller recall news stories, ask to make sure Lisa isn't eating sushi, tell me how awful everything is, but assure me it's worth every second. I haven't gotten annoyed by any of it yet. I think this is part of that glow thing."

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