Friday, September 10, 2010

Today I am...18 weeks pregnant.

I get a lot of pregnancy emails. In fact, I’m on so many lists that I probably get 10 a day. Invariably half of them have the nerve to mention pregnancy fitness and exercise. I know it’s great to exercise. It was a great notion pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. But it just ain’t gonna happen. Luckily, in my case, maybe it shouldn’t happen. Or at least strenuous exercise. They say that you should only do as much as you did before pregnancy. So if I wasn’t jogging two miles a day pre-conception, I sure as hell shouldn’t start running now. Yes! How convenient. But I should probably be walking more. Or swimming. Or stretching. Or, god forbid, yoga. John keeps trying to force prenatal yoga on me. I think it’s mostly a joke because he knows how boring and ridiculous I find such an activity, but I know it would be helpful. I just won’t do it. See that stubbornness? I hope that skips over our child.

But, truthfully, I walk a bit at work since the movie lot we’re on is so big and every thing is so spread out. For the past few weeks I’ve gotten out of breath just climbing the stairs. I know I’m not THAT out of shape so I’m blaming it the kid pressing up against my lungs.

And here are the weekly stats:

How far along: 18 weeks

Baby Development: The little one is the size of a bell pepper this week and is practicing flexing his arms and legs. Turns out that his genitals are formed and you could see them on an ultrasound.

Baby Movement: Definite fluttering. It’s confirmed.

Water Intake: I am drinking water like it’s going out of style.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting my 2nd trimester blood results back. Combined with the 1st trimester results, we’re at a 1 in 68,000 chance for Down’s. Woohoo!!

Current baby/pregnancy worry: How big will I really get?

Symptoms: Tight jeans. Is that a symptom? I feel extremely hormonal this week.

Sleep Quality: Did I mention that sleeping on your side kind of sucks?

Food Cravings: The weirdest one yet…orange juice. A previously abhorred beverage.

What I miss: Feeling a little more spry that I’ve been feeling. Not that I was every a woodland sprite or anything.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Hitting the halfway point soon

Trying to get done before baby: I should really be savoring all of these nice long hot showers without any interruptions.

John's POV: "I'm not 'forcing' anything on her. Am I suggesting she try prenatal yoga? Sure. But there's not some ultimatum. Wouldn't something that increases flexibility be an asset in a situation where flexibility is beneficial? I've begun to think about the endgame in this scenario. Somehow, someway, a baby has to find its way out of there."

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