Friday, November 26, 2010

Today I am...29 weeks pregnant.

What a great week! Thanksgiving and my LA baby shower. My in-laws were in town and they were troopers as John and I worked all day. We’d come home to find a home-cooked meal, house repairs done, and furniture assembled. My sister was nice enough to throw me a little LA shower earlier in the week. It was a casual thing at my house but it was great! So nice to get all of my friends together. Though the whole open presents while everyone stares at you for an hour is a little daunting. I hate being the center of attention so, in general, these type of events are not for me. But it was fun and then we headed to Cuyamaca for Thanksgiving with the whole family. I am proud to say that even with my big belly, I managed to take a nice sized hike around the lake and make it back up the mountain to my parents’ house. Quite an accomplishment.

And now enough of the bragging, on to the stats:

How far along: 29 weeks

Baby Development: He’s apparently about 15 inches which is so long! He must be curled up in there.

Baby Movement: Getting more and more frequent.

Water Intake: Pretty solid. How much water is in decaf coffee again?

Best Moment of the Week: Being in Cuyamaca for Thanksgiving. It’s so beautiful there.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Probably autism again. 1 in 70 boys are autistic. Wow.

Symptoms: The usual. Heartburn, aches and pains.

Sleep Quality: Getting worse and worse and increasingly detrimental to John.

Food Cravings: turkey, stuffing, candied yams, cranberry.

What I miss: Being able to button up my awesome winter wool coat

What I’m Looking Forward to: Being able to break out the Christmas decorations and Xmas music without being called crazy.

Trying to get done before baby: Go to the movie theater to see good movies

John's POV: “I don’t know how usual it is, or tacky it is, or if it’s just not done in polite society to have two showers (not that I could care any less), but doubling up the showers was a result of wanting to have my mom in attendance for the occasion. Since she was only in town this week, and my sis is in Germany and won’t be doing a shower until she gets back to the States, this was the time to do it. My mom would probably scold us for making such a fuss, but it meant a lot to both of us that she get to be included in the merriment of…. doing whatever it is ladies do at those things.”

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