Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Children's Books

Here's Jack with his current favorite book. Probably because it's just very basic black and white pictures of animals. High-contrast images and cute illustrations. The only writing on each page is "Hello, [insert animal name here]!" Makes it hard to really give it my all when I'm reading it to him, but I try to embellish a little. The thing I noticed today was the cover. And for some reason it struck me as hysterical. It says the book is "by" Smriti Prasadam and "illustrated by" Emily Bolam. Seeing as how the book is all pictures with only "hello leopard" and "hello dog" written over the illustrations, I'm thinking Smriti had a pretty easy time with this one.


  1. I love it.

    It makes me think that we should "write" a baby book and get Carolyn to illustrate it. It would be awesome. I mean, between the two of us, we could probably handle the text, right?

  2. wow that's even less of a narrative than in "goodnight moon"! and just when i thought a blank page with the line "goodnight nobody" followed by an illustration of cream of wheat with the line "goodnight mush" couldn't be beat.

  3. Taryn, let's do it. My years of overpriced education can certainly muster up a baby book.