Thursday, April 14, 2011

"The Killing"

The husband and I pride ourselves on watching "good" television. Sure, I still enjoy the random mainstream show like "American Idol" or "Castle", but mainly we've been glued to the television with shows like "The Shield", "The Wire", "Breaking Bad", etc. A few weeks ago a show called "The Killing" premiered on AMC. It had all the markings of a show we'd enjoy so I recorded it and we watched the first two hours the other night. It was great. Strong acting, directing, production design, and writing. And we will never watch it again. Turns out that once you have a kid, you don't really want to watch a show that starts with the murder of a girl and follows her grieving parents. Just too much to handle.

I do recommend the show to all you non-parents out there but I'm wondering what other TV and movies will be off limits to me now.


  1. Aside from the 4th season of "The Wire" which we couldn't even watch 5 minutes of the other night. 30 seconds of Dukie breaking bottles in a Baltimore alley, and I was grabbing for the conch. It was like he was breaking my heart over and over. And I can't even think about Randy...

  2. I hear ya. Anything with kids or mamas getting hurt is totally off limits now. Almost quit "Boardwalk Empire" after the miscarriage episode.

  3. And he keeps going to that incubator place on the boardwalk! You're right. Now I have to take that show off the sked.