Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today Jack is...8 weeks old.

Eight weeks old today which apparently isn't two months old. That won't come until the 19th. I may have to reconsider these birthday posts...we'll see. But at eight weeks Jack is getting cuter every day. Good thing because he is also getting more difficult in some ways. He hates, and I mean HATES, going on car rides. With very few exceptions, he'll scream bloody murder and sweat through his clothes and start to choke. It's not the most fun. He also still won't allow me to sit still. If he's in my arms and awake, he's got to be bouncing on a ball, walking around, or doing step aerobics outside (that's John's job mostly).

But, on the plus side, he is getting more adorable every day. His face is so expressive and sometimes he has such laughing and smiling fits. He is becoming more interested in toys and their sounds, though he still won't hold them or grab them.

He's still enthralled by mirrors and is warming up to the bath with each consecutive day. Or I assume he's warming up to it because now he's relaxed enough to pee in the bath most nights. Hey, as long as I don't get hit with it.

And now, more pictures from this week!


  1. He so SO cute! I know you hear that constantly, but man is he adorable or what?! I feel you on the car thing. Johnny got a lot better around 4 or 5 months when he started reaching for toys and batting at things. Maybe that was 6 months... whatever. Once he started getting interested in toys, car rides got WAY easier. Don't give up hope!