Sunday, April 10, 2011

No more white onesies

I suppose it was inevitable. Newborns generally all look alike, right? Especially when they're in white?

Nice lady customer in Starbucks: "Aww, what a cute baby. So adorable. What's her name?"

Me: "Jack".


  1. Awesome. Did I tell you that when I took Simon to the National Gallery of Art last September, the guard thought he was "a cute little girl"? The kid was wearing blue shorts and a dinosaur t-shirt. And he was three and a half. I swear he called Simon "princess," which was sweet, but you just can't win sometimes.

  2. I was at church today and the priest came up and asked how old "she" was. Um, mijo looks totally like a boy and is 18 months old. I think some people assume all babies/little kids are girls because they are cute. Kind of like I always assume all dogs are male.

  3. these stories are hilarious. violet got a "how old is he" today at aroma. she was wearing a hot pink sweater.