Friday, June 10, 2011

Avoiding jail time.

This morning, by some miracle, Jack fell asleep in the car after a shopping expedition. It was awesome. The silence in the car was such a sweet sound. I decided I would celebrate by treating myself to a frozen yogurt. I pulled up to Menchie's and parked in the spot directly in front of the glass storefront. I'd say the car was about 10 feet from the front door. And there was my little cutie pie sleeping soundly in the back seat. It was 60 degrees and grey. I mean, come on, I just wanted to run in and get a yogurt. It would only take 3 minutes tops and I could see the car. All this went through my mind, along with the recent news story of a dad being arrested while leaving his baby in a hot car. So, rational thinking prevailed and I unhooked the car seat and lugged the damn heavy thing in the shop while I tried to dispense yogurt with one hand while holding a car seat in the other. The seat bounced and jiggled around the whole time.

The kid never opened his eyes once.

And for those horrified, No, I never actually considered leaving my 3 month old in the car. But, man, that would make things so much easier. :)

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about.