Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today Jack is...16 weeks old.

Well, as you can see, the little guy's love affair with his fist continues. The amount of drool coming out of this kid is unbelievable. His shirts are always soaked five minutes after I put them on. I suppose a more responsible parent would change his clothes throughout the day but, no, I just let him wear soaking wet drool onesies all day. He doesn't seem to mind.

Another thing that has remained constant is his love of the outdoors. More specifically, our backyard. We take the picnic blanket out there on the grass once a day to enjoy the trees. Okay, truthfully it's an easy way to kill 30 minutes without carrying him or resorting to song and dance. But he really loves it!

Something new we tried this week was putting our feet in the pool. He has been in the jacuzzi but just dangling legs in the pool was something else. I think the water's a bit cold but he handles it with ease and kicks around. Pretty cute.

Other than that, not much to report. Some nights of sleep are good, some are bad. Some car rides are good, some are bad. He still will only nap on me and at night only go in the swing for the first part of the night, my arms for the second part of the night. But we've just come to think of it as normal.

And now, more pictures from the week!


  1. Seriously, Jack is edible. Also Lisa, you look so gorgeous in every one of those pictures. Motherhood suits you xo

  2. oh I love that last one of you two. The lighting reminds me of pictures from the 70s (sweetly nostalgic).