Friday, August 26, 2011

Five for Friday: Regrettable Fashion Choices

My top 5 regrettable fashion choices:
(please note almost all of these crimes were committed from about 1990 to 1993)

5. Embroidered vests (see above)

4. Hypercolor t-shirts

3. Spin-Art shirts

2. Plastic circular shirt pulls

1. Teased bangs
I'll spare you and not post my 7th grade yearbook picture.


  1. I really wish that you would have posted a photo! I probably have a very similar one ... just with red hair.

  2. My list is exactly the same, except for the spin art - I'd have to substitute spandex pants (hot pink, sixth grade, worn with a pink San Diego Zoo t-shirt and puffy-painted shirt pull).

  3. Hammer Pants and a spangled shirt--my outfit for the first day of Junior High.

  4. Spin Art's rad, plastic pulls were rad!

  5. Carolyn, you only say that because you rocked them both. Probably still could today.