Monday, November 28, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving

We spent our first family Thanksgiving up in the Cuyamaca mountains and it was a really great long weekend. The setting was picturesque, the weather was unseasonably warm, and Jack did well on the 3 plus hour car ride down.

We threw on Jack's best sweater and headed down the freeway. He was in pretty good spirits.

Everyone was excited to see him and once we were there we wanted to take Jack for a hike. We figured a nature lover like him would love to walk around the lake and all the trees. Not sure how he liked his new winter jacket but he made do.

The Thanksgiving feast rolled around and Jack really really enjoyed himself. I think I underestimated his love of eating. But it sure came out during dinner.

He ate and ate and ate. Sweet potatoes, green beans, creamed spinach, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey. Oh, the turkey. His daddy loves turkey and apparently he inherited this trait. He ate so much turkey it was insane.

In fact, I'm convinced that he ate so much rich "adult" food that it upset his stomach. That night he slept the worst he's slept in 5 months. I think we got about 3 hours of sleep total. I think it was just the combo of the food, a pack n' play, and a strange drafty cabin room. Nonetheless it was brutal. Horrible. Of course he was charming and wonderful the next day. So I laid off the turkey and was sure the next night would be better. Guess what? It wasn't. John got a whopping total of one hour's sleep and I got about two. Man, we were exhausted. And grumpy. But somehow the little guy was happy. Smiley all day and took great naps. See how he can look like an angel?

Anyways, now that we're back home we're just hoping his sleep shakes out a bit. But back to our weekend of fun. My mom was nice enough to take a ton of pictures so why don't I just show you how much the little guy enjoyed his time.

Spending time with his Aunt Julie

Hiking with Grandpa

Playing with his cousin Hank

Trying to get his cousin Johnny's attention

Looking at the pretty fan with his Grandma

Practicing walking with daddy

Full after a Thanksgiving feast and reading a book

Discovering gravel rocks

He couldn't get enough of the rocks so daddy indulged him

Jack LOVED his great grandpa's funny faces

That is one happy kid.


  1. What a great Thanksgiving! And what a beautiful place to celebrate - one of these days I hope we'll get a chance to visit. It's been SO LONG since I've been out there and I think I'm the only member of the PQ Posse who hasn't seen your parents' place!

    The pictures are adorable. It's so great that Jack has cousins to grow up with :)

  2. Great family photos Lisa!! It looks so nice where you spent Thanksgiving :)
    Looks like your little man had heaps of fun!

  3. Wonderful pics! Sorry about the lack of sleep. Hope you all are recovering this week.

  4. finally chiming in to say how much i love this series of pics. jack's "best sweater" is awesome. hope you have recovered from the sleep deficit.