Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 11 - In My House

I was on the road on Sunday so I didn't get to post this. So here's my "In My House"...

This picture isn't very clear but it's my favorite thing in the house. And possibly my most treasured possession. A collage of all the photobooth pictures from our wedding. It's so cool to walk in the door every day and see candid pics of all our guests having a great time.

Next week...Lens Flare.


  1. I love anything that reminds me of your wedding. What a great time.

    I also love your house. I wish we were going to be in CA for Christmas this year so that we could come up to LA and visit.

  2. I love that photo collage! Such a great idea!

  3. That collage is awesome! What a great way to showcase the photos.

  4. makes me happy every time i see it too. wish we could relive your wedding! 10 year anniversary party??