Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today Jack is...38 weeks old.

Another good week and now we've only got a week and a half left of the cast! He still hasn't let it faze him in the slightest and his army crawl is getting even faster. This crawling thing is awesome. He can just be happy and play on the ground on his own. See how pleased he is with himself?

Here he is practicing his elevated crawl (still not successful) but he's getting there.

There he was smiling, right next to me so I turned away to choose a book off the bookshelf and when I turned back around, he was off and out the door.

What happened to my little immobile baby? He's a speedster. One of his favorite "toys" this week was an accounting envelope John brought home with an address window so it had like cellophane plastic that would crinkle when he would throw it around. He was very very amused.

He also is still obsessed with mirrors and MAN, he loves himself. Which he certainly doesn't get from me.

The little guy is still into books and his daddy is more than happy to oblige most mornings. It's quite adorable.

Earlier in the week we headed on over to our favorite outdoor mall where they were setting up Santa's house. I'd like to say that this is him looking in awe at the Christmas decorations, but he is just enthralled with the big fountain as usual.

In other news, I'm almost done breastfeeding I think. Each day I've done it less and less and he seems to be taking it just fine. He's chowing down on the formula bottles. I think he's getting a lot more than usual because he's eating less baby food. But I guess that's a fine trade off. I don't know really but I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

And now, more pics from the week!

Looking at himself in the car mirror

Modeling his latest winter wear

And some pics of Jack enjoying time with our friend Orlando


  1. Great pics Lisa! Jack is such a happy baby, a true reflection of great and loving parents :)
    You guys are so cute together and look at him go!! Liam is scooting backwards and moving all over the place but not crawling, how he does it I do not know? Lol
    Santa's House looks so pretty :)
    Can't believe the six weeks is nearly up before his cast comes off!!

  2. whatever you're doing is working because he's obviously thriving! look at the smile in every photo. so happy the cast ordeal is almost over.