Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week in Review - 3/31/12

Jack kept practicing walking this week and he's gotten quite good. A little too good because now he's trying to walk too fast and he's falling a lot just because he's picking up too much speed. A few days ago he fell and hit his forehead on the toilet, of all things. Later that day a big bump with a bruise appeared but, luckily, his bangs covered it up. Then the next day we were at the park and he was running around and he fell and hit his cheek on the edge of the play equipment. Immediately his cheek turned red and swelled up and he got a bruise on his cheekbone. Geez. So now he just looks like a prize fighter. It doesn't photograph very well but here's one where you can sort of make out his injury.

I am horrified of course but John thinks our little bruiser is adorable. I imagine he'll have many more injuries in his future.

This past week Jack showed his March Madness basketball spirit by sporting an awesome Syracuse shirt.

Sadly, John's alma mater lost, but the boys were glued to the game the entire time.

The other big news this week is that we turned his car seat around. Now he faces forward and he loves it! I just had to do it because I was tired of not being able to see him when I'm driving. I had no idea if he was asleep, if he was eating something, or what he was doing. Now I can see him and it makes me feel much better. And he's happier.

Okay, gotta run because we're out of town again this weekend. But here are more pics from the week!

playing drums with his new friend

playing with blocks

first trolley ride at the mall

black beans!

"who ya gonna call?!"

exploring the shower

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  1. great collection of pics! i especially love that last one with daddy. at my mom's house this past weekend, violet must've clunked her head three times in a two-hour period (on my watch). i think my mom already fears i'm too permissive.