Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick...but staying afloat.


 Sickness has struck the household again. Jack wasn't sick the first year of his life but now he's been sick twice in the past two months. And he's passed it along to his caring and loving mommy and daddy.  I know this isn't the worst thing in the world but he is just so damn miserable that it's hard to take care of him from 5:45am to 8pm by myself. And by "hard" I mean that I run out of patience after hours of alternating crying, whining, and throwing food. But we're hanging in there. It'll all be over soon.  

On a positive note, here are some cute pics of Jack and his daddy enjoying some pool time this past weekend.



  1. Hope you all get better soon guys!! xo

  2. oh honey. you gotta get some babysitters!

  3. that's a long day with a cheery baby, no matter how much you adore 'em. i can't even imagine life without the ability to blow my nose, poor kiddos. hang in there!