Saturday, May 19, 2012

15 Months Old!


 Oh man, truthfully I don't even know if any of these photos are worth posting. He is sick as a dog, seriously needs a haircut, and really really didn't want to do a photoshoot. But good ol' evil mom pressed ahead and made him sit there. He looks a bit rough though. Hopefully I'll remember that he was sick when I look back at these pics. Here he is, my 15 month old!



  1. They are beautiful pics regardless if he wasn't feeling well (and I like his hair longer like that btw). Wait til you try to get him to sit still for his 18 mth old pic, haha good luck!

  2. To be honest, if I hadn't known that he was sick, I would have never guessed looking at these pictures - he still has his bright smile!