Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First trip to the beach


 Last weekend John and I decided that our first family trip to the beach was long overdue.  So we packed up the little boy and headed to Paradise Cove in Malibu.  We got there early so the clouds hadn't burned off yet but, on the other hand, it was nice that it wasn't crowded. At first the little guy was pretty tentative. Maybe even scared. That pic above is when we first got there. It was high tide and the waves were breaking right on the shore. We had forgotten how loud waves are but Jack's reaction quickly reminded us that it was a little intimidating.


 For the first few minutes he clung to his daddy and me. We just sort of tried to get him used to it.


 I took over holding duties and John made his way into the waves, showing Jack how fun it was. Slowly we crept closer and closer to the water. I showed him how I could get my feet wet, crouched down with him and let him get his feet wet. And, eventually, he took a turn and decided that the beach was AWESOME. He charged in again and again with his daddy.



 John let him get wet but not go all the way under (the water was freezing!).



 He loved getting swung around in the waves and squealed with delight.



 And when we were tired of playing in the water, he played in the sand for a long time. Just playing with his shovel and bucket. He was enthralled.



 It was such a great day and I am so happy that Jack seemed to enjoy it so much. It was so neat to see him go from scared to timid to tentative to mesmerized to joyous. Definitely fun to experience it through his eyes. I took so many pictures so here are just a few more. Enjoy!



  1. Oh my gosh Lisa these pictures are just absolutely adorable!! I love that very first one so much, how do you keep from kissing Jack's sweet face all day long?
    The joy on his face in the water, ahh, so precious!! He is growing up so much too!

  2. So sweet! I'm new to your blog!

  3. we are so lucky to live here, i take it for granted sometimes. jack's obvious joy is melting my heart!