Sunday, April 27, 2014



This post is a week late but it's never too late for some holiday photos! For the Easter weekend we headed down to San Diego and, as always, Jack had a ball. And clearly Sam did too because he let me take the cutest, most adorable pic of him ever. (see above) Yup, he is starting to sit a little bit. He can only stay up a few seconds but it's pretty cool.

It was very fun to visit with the family and the boys loved seeing them. Sam thought Aunt Leslie was pretty funny.


 And Jack enjoyed the cousin biker gang he joined...



There's was lots of playing with Grandma's toys, swimming in their pool, and then passing out from all the fun.


Easter was fabulous. I got Sam dressed in his finest outfit. (Which was not very fine...overalls? But what can I say, I have a boy). And Sam and Amy, the cutest 5 month olds around, took a few photos to humor us all.



The highlight of the day though was Grandma's scavenger hunt. She made a picture scavenger hunt for Jack, Johnny, and Hank and it was a huge hit! Seriously. I haven't seen Jack so excited about something in, well, forever? He LOVED it! Of course, he was far more excited about each clue than the actual prizes at each location. He would see the picture and squeal that he knew where it was and take off running. It was cute. Of course, each clue/location was numbered so that was exciting to him. He immediately memorized them all so now Aunt Julie's bathtub is #4 and the grandfather clock is #1. He loved the clues so much that he saved them and brought the pictures back to LA where he has reviewed them every day. What a crazy kid. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun times!!


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  1. Good Lord, these children are too adorable. I have to admit that I've actually checked this post several times and scrolled through all the photos while holding Benedict, which means I haven't had a chance to comment, but I just love how cute/happy/awesome the boys and his cousins look! I especially love that picture of Sam with Leslie. That is total and utter joy.