Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week in Review - 12/22/12


 Well, what a busy crazy week. I've spent most of my nights, after Jack's gone to bed, either online christmas shopping, or wrapping presents, or finishing crafts, or baking goodies for Jack's friends. Of course, this was made all the more difficult because Jack came down with a cold and cough. Though by yesterday when he wasn't sleeping at all during the night and only wanted to be held, I knew something was a little off with him...more than a cold. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed some severe bronchitis and I felt pretty bad that he had been suffering all week. Sigh. At least now we have antibiotics as well as this crazy breathing machine that we put more medicine in and he breathes in twice a day. Good times. At least through all these sick times we still got some good pictures. :)

Before he got really bad, we took a trip to the zoo with some of his friends and he ran around.


He continues to LOVE his little alarm clock that he plays with and counts up to 60. Probably his favorite "toy" in the house.


Of course his other favorite thing is obviously Pepe, Aunt Leslie's dog. He is gentle and tries to give him hugs and kisses.



We went to a store the other day and Jack insisted that the picture in the window was of Pepe. I tried to tell him otherwise but he wouldn't be swayed. The kid knows what he likes. And he likes Pepe.


 Here are some more pics from the week!


sleeping with his arms up, mommy-style

running up and done the hill

signing a card like a big boy

and learning how to write on his hand too

pointing out body parts

practicing his FREEZE dance!

the only toddler I know who requests prunes.  so weird.

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